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Sacred Medicine Sanctuary tries to accommodate the shipping requirements of both domestic and foreign visitors to the site.


Domestic Shipments


Priority Mail: this is usually the fastest and often the least expensive method of shipping, but there is a possibility that shipments will be irradiated. Anyone concerned about this should choose FedEx for shipping.


There are two basic methods of shipping via FedEx. These are ground, which includes both residential and commercial addresses, and express. Since we are shipping from Washington State, deliveries to the West Coast generally require 1-2 days in transit. The time to deliver to the East Coast is one week when using ground delivery services.

Express services, including the One Rate option, are faster and sometimes quite economical if the package is heavy. The shopping cart will display the options. Please note that the One Rate service does not apply to Hawaii and that certain rural areas have severe surcharges.


International Shipments

We try to meet all customs requirements of the recipient, but ultimate responsibility for determining the relevant regulations for each country rests with the purchaser. We cannot ship herbs to Austria, France, Russia, or Spain. People in those countries who wish our products should arrange delivery through another EU country, such as England or Holland.

Customs duties are to be paid by the recipient. If there are any questions at all about foreign shipments, please contact Sacred Medicine before submitting your order.


There are now several postal options for foreign shipments. For small packages, there is a First-Class International rate that applies only to parcels under 4 pounds. It is the least expensive method of shipping qualifying parcels.

Priority mail can take one to three weeks. Much depends on the postal services on the recipient's end. For instance, Japan has an excellent system but mail to India is very, very slow.

Express services are a little faster and only slightly more expensive. These are safe for countries with very poor postal systems, such as many countries in Africa.

All foreign shipments have some insurance coverage and tracking numbers.


There is an economy rate and a priority rate, usually only a few dollars different in price.

It is sometimes possible to get FedEx shipments delivered overnight to large metropolitan areas such as London or Tokyo, but even if we ship using a guaranteed delivery, parcels can sometimes be held up in customs. It is the recipient's responsibility to check the regulations before placing orders and to pay any fees charged by customs brokers, agents, or tax authorities.

Because rates vary tremendously, the shopping cart is unable to calculate foreign shipments correctly. Not only are the rates different for each country, but rural areas are more expensive than metropolitan destinations.





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